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Hurricanes and Emergencies

Hibernia is prepared for emergencies. Are YOU?

Because local businesses and families rely on Hibernia for their banking needs especially in times of disaster or emergency, we have developed and tested a preparedness plan. This plan spells out how we will protect and recover electronic data and information, ensure the availability of cash, continue customer service and otherwise be up and running after a wide-ranging disaster. 

Just as we must be prepared for an emergency, so should you. Just follow these three easy steps and you're well on your way to financial preparedness.

1. Update your contact information. 

Make sure we can contact you in the event of an emergency or disaster. Fill out the form below to submit your current contact information: 


2. Add us to your contact list. 

In the event of an evacuation or other emergency, it is important that you are able to contact family, friends, banks, credit card issuers, brokerage firms, insurance companies, etc. Here's our contact information to add to your list: 

Hibernia Bank
325 Carondelet St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
(504) 522-3203

3. Sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay. 

Online banking gives you access to your funds and allows you to pay your bills from anywhere. It's fast, easy and FREE! 

These steps should help you to prepare for emergency situations. And while we hope that you never have to confront an emergency, remember that it's important to be prepared.

Keep track of your accounts on the go!