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Remote/Mobile Deposit


  • Deposit checks right from your phone.
  • Extend deposit times.
  • It's the fastest, easiest way to get checks into your account.

How it Works

  1. Once you've downloaded the Hibernia Bank Mobile App, simply launch it on your phone and select "Remote Deposits".
  2. Endorse your check as "For Mobile Deposit Only" along with your signature and account number.
  3. Input the deposit amount and select the account you wish to receive the deposit.  
  4. Take a picture of the front and back sides of the check.
  5. The system verifies the deposit amount and transmits to the bank.
  6. Funds are credited to your account within 1-2 business days.
  7. The scanned check images are available for you to review online.
If you have downloaded the Hibernia Bank Mobile App, contact us at (504) 522-3203 to get started with Remote/Mobile Deposit.

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